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My Secret Palace
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The EMPIRE business.
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You are one of the scummiest human beings i have met. How can i trust that you have honest intentions when you fucked around your baby mama's back? I know damn well how manipulative you are. I encouraged your disgusting behavior because i didnt care about hurting other people but i now see that its not right to say fuck it to other peoples feelings because i feel like shit. I feel remorse for my behavior. How can you fucking say that all you want to do is help when you cause so much pain for the people you say you love. You are a fucking liar if you say otherwise. Your words dont mean shit to me will. Im not saying that im not perfect either but at least im honest with myself. I know who i am. I know what i do. No ones perfect but it just blows my mind that you think that i can trust your word. You have consistently fucked so many people over. So spare me the guilt trip. Prove you actually want to help people by treating everyone with a little more respect.
Johnny Hobo
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Punk rocking cocking sucking fuck
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